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Post  melody on Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:45 pm

Mentioned all kinds of magic dramas and comedies, there is a magic comedy definitely need to be pointed, that is wizards of waverly place created by Disney. Wizards of Waverly Place follows the Russo children, Alex, Justin, and Max, who on the surface appear to be completely normal, but beneath the sibling rivalry lies their secret. They are all wizards in training! They use their powers to do most of their tasks. Whether it's washing the dishes or making dinner, or even getting back at a fellow sibling, whatever the reason, it'll always have hilarious consequences. Even though they all train and study, once they turn 18, only one of them will get to keep their wizardly powers. Basically, wizards of waverly place set can be treated as an adventure story as they three children have to find out a magic stone to remove the magic being played on their parents by mistake. In modern life, this theme kind of comedies is rare. It seems that the producers have already forget the need and tastes of children, wizards of waverly place on dvd gives back a wonderland and magic dreams back to pure children.

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wizards of waverly place dvd, wizards of waverly place set

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