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Post  melody on Fri Dec 16, 2011 8:52 pm

Which is your favorite detective drama? Telling the truth, I really want to see, a famous cartoon, named Case Closed. I love Conan so much. But I’d better back to reality life, and after a full range of search, I locked psych dvd seasons 1-5, a wonderful detective show with creativity plot setting, humorous characters and interesting story. Shawn Spencer, a young crime consultant for the Santa Barbara Police Department whose "heightened observational skills" and impressive detective instincts allow him to convince people that he solves cases with psychic abilities. The program also stars Dulé Hill as Shawn's best friend and reluctant partner Burton "Gus" Guster, as well as Corbin Bernsen as Shawn's captious father, Henry. Shawn has to pretend himself as a psych so as to protect himself from arrested into prison and help to perform as a crime consultant with his skillful detective talent in psych dvd set. In a relax and humor atmosphere, all cases were solved by this intelligence so-called psych easily, as if he is a real psych who have super power, gradually, people began to believe in Shawn’s fake identity after all kinds of harsh tests.

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psych dvd seasons 1-5, Psych DVD

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