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Post  melody on Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:04 pm

The competition between the two brothers is not the main subject of One Tree Hill on dvd, the growth of the two brothers, and there precious feelings are the essential. Not only the feelings between the brothers become mature, so as the understanding when every young person in the face of responsibility, love, forgiveness. In adults’ world, there is also a subtle change, the attitude when they face marriage, family, loyalty, betrayal, hatred and love, silently changing with the influence of children. All those growing problems it describes are always happening in our daily life. Although, the growth experiences of each person may different, some people are very smooth, while others experienced a lot of frustrations and hardships, but we always need to grow mature, learn to variety problems in life, learn to face and solve the problems rather than escape. Lucas in One Tree Hill seasons 1-8 dvd is not a perfect man, and never strive to be a perfect person, but he can always face the problems, think hard to find out the solution, courageous enough to fight with the fate, to pursue what he ant, he deserves the applause of all audiences.

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One Tree Hill seasons 1-8 dvd, One Tree Hill DVD

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