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Some complaints about CM

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Some complaints about CM Empty Some complaints about CM

Post  melody on Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:00 pm

From a long time ago, I’ve heard there will be an open derivative drama of CM, named criminal minds suspect behavior DVD, I still remembered that a special episode to make a spinoff of the actors group. I was full of expectations that time, but after I saw it today, I feel a bit disappointed. Originally, the drama's first quarter of first episode, the pilot is very important, unfortunately, I do not see any place where I can be attracted in this derivative drama. The writers seem to want to apply the CM pilot's routine, but with little success. The plot, coherent compact is no problem, but no any bright spots. I remember at the beginning in criminal minds suspect behavior on dvd , it played out a text, said it is a Secretary Special Operations Group directly responsible to the of the BAU, but then the first case was an ordinary kidnapping, without any particularly prominent role in the side to write, everything naturally developing; in characterization, I only remember three men, the boss with different sizes of eyes, a irritability middle-aged man who hatred of pedophiles, and Mike, who was once flirting with Emily in a cross-concentrated episode. I admit that this comment mixed a lot of subjective factors, because allocation of resources between the original drama and derivative drama are not fair, I don’t like criminal minds suspect behavior season 1 dvd. It must be recognized that this set of pilot did not achieve the expected level of most of the audience.

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