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Post  melody on Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:26 pm

“I’m not talking to you until I finish my Shuhua milk…” this sentence definitely left a deep impression to all audiences of Transformers 3. According to the director, he just took it as a tool of making fun, and he said: “I’m not making ads for milk, I’m shooting a film, named Transformers.” Wonderful ads setting can make the plot more wonderful and funny as Transformers shows. When Chinese audiences criticism the ads in Transformers dvd, the director, Michael Bay confused as this fragment is very popular in American, and almost everyone watching transformers 3 are amused by this sentence. Let’s talking about those wonderful ads perfectly melt into the most popular film in 2011, Transformers seasons 1-3 dvd! Do not mention the story itself of transformers as we are so familiar with this great science fiction film, I’d like to say something about those ads in it, and I guess you may definitely noticed, especially the Erie Shu Hua milk appearing in transformers 3, deeply impressed you! Actually, Erie Shu Hua milk is just one of the typical ads involving in transformers, if you watch it carefully, and you’ll find more funny placement ads.

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