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Post  tangcao123 on Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:07 pm

do but suppofe him extinguishing his reason, instead of putting out his eyes; and living in a course of solly and impertinence, instead of starving himself to death ; and then Moncler you have sound out as great a rebel against God.Folk that puts out his eyes, or murders himself, has only this guilt, that he abuses the powers that God has given him ; that he resuses to act that part sor which he was created, and puts himself into a state that is contrary to the divine will. And surely this is the guilt of every one that lives an unrcaionab'e, unholy, an d soolish lise.A S theresore, no particular state, or private lise, is an excus Moncler jackets e sor the abuse of our bodies, or self-murder; so no particular state, or private lise, is an excuse sor the abuse of our reason, or the neglect of the holiness of the Christian religion. For surely it is as much the will of God that we should make the best use of our rational faculties, that we should consorm to the purity and holiness of Christianity, at it is the will of F 4 " Moncler sale and Moncler coats or moncler vest God, God, that we should use our eyes, and eat and drink for the preservation of our lives.Till theresore a man can shew, that he sincerely endeavours to live according to the will of God, to be that which God requires him to be ; till he can shew, that he is striving to live according to the holiness of the Chrillian religion ; whosoever he be, or wheresoever he be, he has all that to answer sor, that they have, Moncler jackets Men & Moncler jackets women who resuse to live, who abuse the greatest trusts, and neglect the highest calling in the world.Every body acknowledges, that all orders of men are to be equally and exactly honest and faithful; there is no exception to be made in these duties, sor any private or particular state of lise. Now if we would bin attend to the reason and nature of things ;


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