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a different part from that sor

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a different part from that sor

Post  tangcao123 on Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:19 pm

than the neglect of our Christian ca ling; which is not to serve the little uses of a short lise, but to redeem souls unto God, to sill heaven with faints, and sinish a kingdom of eternal glory unto God.N o man therefore must think himself excused from the exactness of piety and morality, because he has chosen to be Moncler oly lise, are not sounded in the several conditions and employments of this lise, but i n the immutable nature of God, and the nature of man. A man is not to be reasonable and holy, because he is a priest, or a father of a family ; but he is to be a pious priest, and a good father, because piety and good Moncler jackets ness are the laws of human nature. Could any man please God, without living according to reason and order, there would be nothing difpleasing to God in an idle priest, or a reprobate father. He theresore that abuses his reason, is like him that abuses the priesthood and he that neglec Moncler sale and Moncler coats or moncler vest s the holiness of the Christian life, is as the man that disregards the most important trust. If a man was to chuse to putout his eyes, rather than enjoy the light, and see the works of God; if he should voluntarily kill himself, by resusing to eat and drink, every one would own, that such a one was a rebel against God, that justly deserved his highest indignation. You would not fay, that this was only sinsul in a pri Moncler jackets Men & Moncler jackets women est, or a master or a family, but in every man as such. NowNow wherein does the sinsulness of this behaviour consist ? Does it not consist in this, that he abuses hfs nature, and resuses to act that part sor which God had created him ? But if this be true, then all persons that abuse their reason, that act a different part from that sor which God created them, are like this man, rebels against God, and on the fame account subject to hi* wrath.Let Ib suppofe that this man instead of putting out his eyes, had only employed them in looking at ridiculous things, or shut them up in steep; that instead of starving himself to death, by not eating at all, he should turn every meal into a feast, and eat and drink like an Epicure; could he be faid to have lived more to the glory of God ? could he-any more be said to act the part sor which God had created him, than if he had put out his eyes, and starved himself to death ?N o w do but suppofe a man acting unreasonably;


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