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the promifes of Glory Empty the promifes of Glory

Post  tangcao123 on Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:15 pm

<p>he will tell you that he did not enter into holy orders, because he looks upon it to be a state, that requires great holme's of Itfe, and that it does not suit his temper to be so good. He will tell you that he never intends to marry, because he cannot oblige himself to that regularity of lise, and good behaviour, which he takes to be the duty of thofe that are at the' head of a family. He resused to be <em>Godfather </em>to his nephew, because he will have no <em>trust </em>of any kind to answer sor.<em>Fulvius</em> <a href="http://www.monclerjackets-shop.com"><strong>Moncler</strong></a> thinks that he is conscientious in this con . duct, and is theresore content with the most <em>idle, impertinent, </em>and <em>careless </em>liseH E has no religion, no devotion, no pretences to piety. He lives by no rules, and thinks all is very well, because h e is neither a <em>priest, </em>nor a <em>father, </em>nor a <em>guardian, </em>nor has any <em>e</em> <a href="http://www.monclerjackets-shop.com/"><strong>Moncler jackets</strong></a> <em>mployment </em>or <em>family </em>to look after.But <em>Fulvius, </em>you are a rational creature, and as such, are as much obliged to live according <em>to reasan</em>and <em>order, </em>as a <em>priest </em>is obliged to attend at the <em>altar, </em>or a <em>guar</em> <em>dian </em>to be faithful to his truil ; if *you live contrary to <em>reason, </em>you don't commit a s <a href="http://www.monclerjackets-shop.com/"><strong>Moncler sale</strong></a>  and  <a href="http://www.monclerjackets-shop.com/"><strong>Moncler coats</strong></a>  or  <a href="http://www.monclerjackets-shop.com/moncler-vest-moncler-vestmen-c-2_4.html"><strong>moncler vest</strong></a> mall crime, you don't break a small trust ; but you break the <em>law </em>of your nature, you rebel against God who gave you that nature, and put yourself amongst thofe whom the God of <em>reason </em>and <em>order </em>will punish as <em>apostates </em>and <em>deserters. </em>Thouch you have no employment, yet as you are baptiz'd into the prosession of Christ's religion, you are as much oblig'd to live according to the holiness of the Christian spirit, and persorm all the promises made at your baptism, as any man is oblig'd to be honest and faithsul in his calling. If you abuse this great calling, you are not  <a href="http://www.monclerjackets-shop.com/moncler-jackets-men-c-39.html"><strong>Moncler jackets Men</strong></a>  &amp;  <a href="http://www.monclerjackets-shop.com/moncler-jackets-women-c-37.html"><strong>Moncler jackets women</strong></a> false in a small matter, but you abuse the precious blood of Christ ; you crucify the Son of God asresh; you neglect the highest instances of divine goodness; you disgrace the church of F 3 God* God; you blemish the body of Christ; you abuse the means of Grace, and the promifes of Glory; and it will be more tolerable sor <em>Tyre </em>and <em>Sidon at the day of judgment, than for you. </em>It is theresore great solly, sor any one to think himself at liberty to live as he pleases, because he is not in such a state os lise as some others are : For if there is any thing dreadsul in the abuse of any <em>trust </em>5 if there is any thing to be seared sor the neglect of any calling, there is nothing more to be seared than the wrong use of our <em>reason, </em>nor any thing more to be dreaded,</p>


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